ADDACT | FAQ for visitors - Frequently Asked Questions
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FAQ for visitors - Frequently Asked Questions

Who starts the ADDACT campaigns?

Campaigns at ADDACT are started by bookers, event organizers, artists or their managers.

How much do I have to pay for ADDACT?

Using ADDACT is free for you as a fan. The only thing you might have to pay it the price for your ticket.

Do I have to be registered in order to join a campaign?

No, BUT: If you want to join a campaign it makes sense to be registered. Registration is free and with your own profile it's easy for you to keep track of your actions.

Why can it sometimes take a while from the end of a campaign until the actual event?

Planning an event is a lot of organizational work which involves a lot of people. The organization of an event only starts if the campaign was successful, therefore it is possible that it might take a little while until the event.

I want to actively contribute to the success of a campaign. What can I do?

We would like to ask you to share ADDACT campaigns in different places in your social networks. It's not about advertising for ADDACT. It's about increasing the chance to success for your favorite act's campaign. Because the more people know about the campaign, the more people will participate and the sooner you'll pass the 100% mark.

What happens if my city doesn't reach the 100% mark?

Nothing. We don't charge you, nor start the planning process.

What does the 100% in the 100% mark stand for?

Behind the 100% is the number of campaign tickets that need to be sold for the event to take place.

How and when will I get my ticket?

Once your city has passed the 100% mark, we will start the planning process. We will send you your ticket as a printable PDF file via email once all dates are fixed.

Can I suggest artists and cities for ADDACT campaigns?

Yes, here.

When will you debit my bank account?

We charge the ticket price from your debit or credit card when the event will actually take place and you get your campaign ticket.

How can I pay?

You can pay by debit or credit card.

Are campaign tickets transferable?

Yes they are.

What happens if I'm not free on the event date?

If the date and place of he event aren't certain before the start of the campaign, you will have 14 days starting from the end of the campaign to withdraw from your purchase.

Can I return my ticket?

No, after you have received your ticket it cannot be returned.

Is an event sold out once the campaign has reached 100%?

No, the event isn't sold out when 100% are reached. When event place, time and date are fixed, you can still buy tickets in the pre-sale.

Can I buy more than one campaign ticket?

To prevent from fraud we limited the maximum amount of campaign tickets per person to 5.

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