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Tell your favorite act where to gig!
You can choose between certain cities for a limited amount of time. The city with the most active fans gets the event.
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Click Join and secure your ticket!
This is a binding buying agreement for your ticket. But don't you worry; the transaction only goes through if the event actually takes place and only once you've received your ticket.
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Share the ADDACT campaign with your friends!
The more friends you activate, the more people know about the campaign. And the more people in your city know about it, the more likely your dream event becomes.
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Look forward to a one of a kind event!
As soon as you crack the 100% mark, we (the people backstage) will start planning. This is a lot of organizational work and can take a little while. In the meanwhile you can get reeeaaaaally excited.
Wie Addact funktioniert - Schritt 6
Hold your ticket to a one of a kind event in your hands!
The only things that's left for you to do now: Go to the event which you and your friends made possible and gooo wiiiild.
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