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fanpowered live events

We know this very moment when you're at an event and there's that spark that lights up the crowd and the many become one. We know the feeling to really dig an artist and to dream of experiencing that very moment at one of their gigs. To leave comments on the Facebook pages of your favorite acts hoping it would make them do a concert in your town. Believe us, we've been there, and of course we knew better.

It's frustrating not being able to show our favorite acts how much we would love a concert in our home town. We think: If people worldwide can communicate at any given time, why should WE as fans not be able to tell OUR favorite artists where we would like to see them?

So we came up with ADDACT. ADDACT gives you as a fan the chance to really infuence your favorite act's tour schedule with the help of campaign tickets. Because with ADDACT you don't just buy a ticket for an event in any city.

With ADDACT you become part of a campaign and secure yourself a ticket to have an event in your very own city. In the end you'll be the reason for a one of a kind gig in your own town!

At ADDACT it's a win-win: With the effort the fans put into ADDACT campaigns, artists and organizers can plan more efficiently and at lower risk. Fans finally have a voice, and a chance to enjoy that moment with their favourite artist.

The Team

ADDACT isn't just another online platform. ADDACT - we are a team of five culture enthusiasts.

We're coming from different areas of expertise and are working together towards one goal: Giving fans a voice.

Dirk Veit

Dirk Veit

Musician and ‘nordic by nature’ - focussed and calm before, during and after the storm.

Hilko Aikens

Hilko Aikens

Music maniac and down to earth business guy - good banter even in the surf.

Malte Winkelvos

Malte Winkelvos
Software Development

IT brain and platform chief - knows like tactics in PES.

Saskia Behrens

Saskia Behrens

Designer, conception, tinkerer and creative co-working head, especially talented in bringing the right people together.

Mariele Müller

Mariele Müller

Organizational talent, strategist and innovation manager to be, stays on top of things no matter how messy it gets.


Winner of “IKT Innovativ” award by Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology

Winner of “Kultur- und Kreativpiloten”-award by German Federal Government

Supported by “Leuphana Business Accelerator”

Supported by “Social Impact Start”

Supported by EIT Digital Accelerator.

Supported by European Regional Development Fund by the European Union

Supported by the “Exist Scholarship” by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology

Winner of “Music Works”-award

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